I can’t believe my baby is 5!

So my baby is 5!  And I can’t believe it!  It seems like just yesterday I was pretty huge and pregnant and thinking she was never coming out!  Wait- that’s what I feel like right now, lol!

imageHere she is last year on her 4th birthday.  She was very excited for her princess gifts.  She actually cooperated for a photo shoot!

3rd bday 2On her 3rd birthday we went to the zoo.  She loved it, because they  have a bird area where you hold a stick with bird seed on it and they will land on your stick to eat the seeds.

imageHer 3rd birthday was a lizard party.  This cake was put together with the help of a friend. I was pretty impressed with it, and she seemed to love it too!

2nd bdayFor her second birthday, she was in love with Dora…well, actually Boots.  She called him Bootsy and everything was about Boots!

imageShe was lucky that year because my sister threw her a party while we were visiting them in May, so she had a princess party a little early.

imageHer first birthday was a lot of fun!  She really enjoyed her cake 🙂  I’m glad I made her one just for this purpose, and saved the rest for everyone else!  My mom and 2 sisters came for the party and it was a lot of fun!

cheese heads

I remember feeling so defeated the night I went into labor.  I was only 38 weeks pregnant, but at that point I was huge, and swollen, and uncomfortable!  I remember going to bed early, after feeling so yucky all day long.  And then my water broke and off to the hospital we went!  My mom didn’t really believe I was in labor, because it was her birthday that day!

Apparently, a full moon is a busy night to go into labor, so there were a LOT of babies born that night in the hospital, and they were ok with me sleeping through most of the night and not having her until the next day.  So as of right now, she does not share her birthday, but her sister could always decide to come yet 😉  I was told that if little E decides to come, that A will always get to have her party first.  And that she won’t be eating cake at her sisters party because her stomach will already be full with her own cake.  Lol!  She’s definitely been thinking about sharing her birthday!


There’s my little angel when she was born.  So peaceful while she was sleeping…lol!

She has school on her birthday, and they are having a Frozen party with ice cream and all kinds of fun I’m sure.  She is bringing Hello Kitty Fruit Roll-ups as a treat since they will have an ice cream sundae bar and I don’t want to send in cupcakes or donuts to add to the mass amounts of sugar they will already be consuming.  She was ok with that, because she loves those things and I never let her buy them.

Besides her fun at school, we will try to make her day special.  My husband told her she could pick anything she wants for dinner.  So far she says she wants McDonalds.  I’m hoping she will change her mind 🙂

We didn’t get her anything big.  Her party was part of her gift.  I also got her some pajamas and some nice flip flops.  We also had a pretty fun weekend of visiting her favorite farm and playing in a sprinkler.  It was a last fun weekend as a family of 3 🙂


kitty farm

What special things do you do for your kids birthdays?

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