My baby is here!

So…I’ve been gone for awhile because my baby is here! She came on June 18th, at 12:49am. I went in around 10pm the night before and she came pretty fast.

It’s kind of a funny story. I spent that Tuesday at a friends house just hanging out. I was sitting on her couch, chatting, checking Facebook, reading emails and just letting my kid play with hers. I was pretty uncomfortable all day, but I figured that was just par for the course. I had gone to the doctor on Monday and he said he was surprised I was still pregnant, but that he didn’t feel the need to induce me as he said he would the week before. I didn’t want to be induced anyways (I’ve had Pitocin before, I didn’t want to do it again), but I was also ready for her to come out. Plus my mom was coming to town on Thursday and I wanted her to be here, or come when my mom was here. The doctor said he wouldn’t be surprised if I had her that week, and he tried to help it along with a very uncomfortable exam.

So back to Tuesday…we went home…I was having contractions, but I figured they would go away like usual. I opened the app on my phone to track them thinking that would for sure make them go away. That didn’t happen.  I told a friend or two that I was having some contractions, but that I was sure they would go away.

I was talking to my friend Jen on Facebook and I asked if she still wanted to come stay at my house since Annabelle was already asleep. She asked if she should come now. I said yeah.

Then I went to tell my husband that the baby was probably ready to come. I don’t think he believed me. I guess I’m pretty calm while in pain. When my friend got there, she didn’t believe me either. They both thought I’d be sent home.

So we get to the hospital…and you have to go in the ER entrance because the main doors are locked at 8pm. So we go in and I ask how to get to Labor & Delivery. They tell me they need to check me in. So they start asking me questions, give me a bracelet and put me in a wheelchair. This process was very slow. But again, I guess I appear very calm.

We get up to Labor & Delivery and they put me in a room and put the monitors on. They could see that my contractions were pretty regular. She asked how long I had been having them and I told her about an hour. I meant they had increased in the last hour. I don’t think she believed that I was in active labor. I was only 2cm dilated at my appointment the day before, so she kind of looked at me like she was about to send me home. But she decided to check me and realized I was 6cm. She said “wow, you’re 6cm, almost 8!” I wanted to ask her where 7 went 🙂 The nurse decided to move me to a delivery room. And she said she was ordering an epidural for me since I did want one.

They put me in a room and left. And didn’t come back for awhile. I did call and ask for someone to come check me because I was feeling a whole lot of pain and discomfort. She came in and realized I was at 8cm and I started to fear that the epidural would not make it in time. The nurse tried to convince me that I could do it without the epidural. I let her know that I had reached my limit of pain and I could no longer tolerate it. At one point she said something to my husband about me being calm. Maybe I should have started screaming, lol!

I asked where the doctor was, and the nurse checked me. She told me he would be there in 10 minutes. After 30 minutes passed I let the nurse know that the doctor probably needs a new watch. She tried to encourage me not to push, but told me she would catch if I did, and that it wouldn’t be the first time she did.

Finally the epidural arrived and the woman had to tell me all the information about it. I wanted to say “shut up and shoot it up already!” She did let me know that I should feel some relief in 5-25 minutes. I was pretty sure by that point, that it would not kick in at all, because I could feel the baby moving down.

Finally the doctor arrived and the epidural kicked in right as I started pushing. Which was good, because it only took 2 pushes and my daughter was here! I did ask if it was still a girl, and the doctor got a chuckle out of that. I was so convinced that it was actually a boy that I brought a boy outfit to the hospital in my bag. They also let me know that the baby had red hair. The nurse said “I love redheads!” and I asked “do you have one?” Lol!


This birth was so much different than my first.  I felt a lot more of the labor, for one thing.  And they gave her to me right away.  With Annabelle, they took her away and later told me it was because she stopped breathing.  Then they decided she did it on purpose and brought her to me later.

Evelyn didn’t leave my room at all, until she was 24 hours old and went for her newborn screening.  I was able to nurse her almost immediately, and it was nice to know where she was at all times.

By the time they got me and her cleaned up and everything all set, it was about 3am, so my husband camped out on the sofa and we both got a few hours of sleep.


My mom’s plane landed when they were discharging me so she got to my house a few minutes after we did.

Since we’ve been home, she’s been a really good sleeper.  My husband and I are both waiting for the screaming to start because that’s what happened with my first daughter.  Until then, we are enjoying the quiet, and the grandma’s who have come to visit.

10471439_10104701816463963_937761519400539651_nMy daughter is loving having a sister- she wants to touch and kiss and hold her constantly! Lol!


There’s a whole lot more to the story of my hospital stay, even though it was really short (I couldn’t wait to get out of there!), but the important thing is that we are home and healthy 🙂

What’s new in your life?

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