First Post-Baby Run!

Halfway through the day today I got the urge to run.  I told my chiropractor I wanted to run and she said go for it, but take it slow.  So today was my first post-baby run!

I texted my husband and let him know I wanted to run when he got home.  I told him I would probably last ten minutes…so of course when he gets home he says “your school is only 1.2 miles away…” as I’m on my way out the door.  I ran in that direction, naturally, and stopped when I got there.  I ran the first 1.2 miles!  It was slow.  It was awkward.  It was fantastic!

My daughter was riding her bike when I went out and she wanted to come along, but I told her I would see her when I got back.  I needed some alone time! After 4 weeks of holding a baby almost non-stop, I needed some space and alone time with my music!

My running shorts were a little tighter.  My legs were a little less muscular.  My form was probably very sloppy!  But I had so much fun!

I brought along one of my water bottles from my fuel belt and I should have brought more!  It wasn’t that hot out, but I am feeling so out of shape!  And I don’t want my running to negatively affect my milk supply for my daughter, so I have to stay very hydrated.

I did not take any fun selfies today (well, I did take a sweaty one but I only send those to my sister :-).  But I did get in some stretching while talking to the baby when I got home.


And of course as I took this, Annabelle said “why did you take a picture without me in it?” Lol!  So we had to do another one:


I’m very glad to be out running again and will probably go out again on Sunday.

I did get to do a good deed while out running tonight! I found a phone on the ground- an iPhone 5!  I asked the closest person if it was hers and she said no.  We tried to open it but it had a code.  All we could see was the picture of a dog and that there was 17% battery left.  I told her I would take it to the AT&T store and see if they can track down the owner.  But then it rang!  The woman realized it was gone and called it, so I let her know I found it and she said she could see me down the street.  I offered to bring it to her as it was kind of on my way back home.  But as I was running up to her house, I was wondering if this person was actually a psycho and this was a trap.  I told myself I was safe because I had my phone with me, plus the other woman I talked to was watching me deliver the phone.  It’s sad that I have to think that way, but with all the things in the news, it’s hard not to think of that.  The woman came out on the driveway and I handed her the phone and I was on my way.  She was very excited to have her phone back, and it felt great to do a good deed for  someone!  I would hope that if someone found something like that of mine, they would turn it in somewhere or try to track me down.

Would you turn in an item you find on a run?

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