Norwex saved the day!

Let me tell you a little story about how Norwex saved the day today 🙂

The baby was sleeping (finally!), and I decided to go change the laundry.  So I go to the basement and start pulling clothes out of the dryer.  After a few things, I notice that there are red marks on some clothes.  I thought “what the heck?”

As I pulled more out I realized the inside of the dryer was red!  Holy moly!  What did I massacre in the dryer? I’ve told you about how I’ve destroyed 2 kitchen appliances with spoons right? I at least knew that this was not done by a spoon!


After taking out most of the clothes I saw the culprit:


Where in the world did that come from?  My daughter hasn’t had any interest in using crayons in awhile.  It’s been paint.  She always wants to paint.  Or use pens or my permanent markers.

As I pulled more and more out, I realized that Evelyn’s new blanket was in there.  The blanket that I love! I mean Evelyn loves it 😉  Bridget bought it for her and it’s the softest, prettiest blanket!  And now it’s covered in red spots! Why couldn’t it have been a light pink crayon!!!

And Evelyn’s new St. Patrick’s outfit was in there!  I was so excited to find this onsie at the Goodwill with the tags still on for $1.50!  It’s adorable!  And we are Irish! And she’s a red head!  And now the onsie and the matching pants with attached tutu are spotted with red!

So I went upstairs to see if my husband was home from his run.  As soon as he walked in I walked over to him and said “There was a red crayon in the dryer.  It’s bad.”

He had just bought himself some new clothes.  Nice clothes.  Work clothes.  He never buys new clothes for himself.  I thought one of the shirts was one of his new ones.  But it wasn’t.  Phew!

I called my friend Mandy, who sells Norwex, and when she answered I am pretty sure I said “So there was a red crayon in the dryer” (right Mandy?) She said she had a paste she could create with some of her products that she thought would do the trick.  And I could use the cleaning paste on the inside of the dryer.

So I got to work with my Norwex cloth and the paste and it was coming off, it was just taking a lot of awkward positions.  I sat on the yoga ball so I could move around a bit, and got most of it out.  Then I told my husband I was taking a break for awhile because my hand was cramping.  So he finished it.


See how clean it got?


And then Mandy came over with her paste and started working on the blanket.   I looked up the blanket on Amazon to see if I could replace it if needed.  It’s on there for $27 if Evelyn (I mean me) really needs it

Isn’t it cute?  It’s so soft too!

imageShe was really globbing the paste on the onsie because it was bad! Once they were all ready, she threw them in the washing machine.  They came out looking a LOT better!  I am doing a few more spots that didn’t come out all the way, and am going to throw them in again.

These two items were the worst of the bunch.  A few other things had a few spots here and there, but nothing like the blanket and onsie. They are both in wearable/useable shape now!

I really do love Norwex products and I have a few friends that sell them 🙂  I like that they aren’t full of bad chemicals, and that they don’t have a strong scent.  I am not a fan of bleach at all.  The smell of it makes my brain hurt.  Cleaning solutions irritate my sinuses and my skin, so I like that Norwex doesn’t do that.  Have you tried Norwex?  I love having the cleaning paste around for when there are marks on the wall, or my daughter accidentally writes with pen on the couch…lol!

If you are interested, you can check out Mandy’s Facebook page here:

Mandy’s Norwex Page

She’s super helpful and will answer your questions and get you set up with whatever you need!

Have you ever found a crayon in your dryer?

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