Training wheels, big sister love, and a toad

Training wheels, big sister love, and a toad.  What do these three things have in common?  They sum up my week 🙂

It’s hard to believe my baby is already 6 weeks old! These weeks have flown by! We’ve tried to stay busy, and keep my older daughter active so she wouldn’t feel jealous of the baby at all.  My husband has been awesome about this. He takes her places and plays with her non stop!  He can’t really do much for the baby, since I’m her source of food, and she eats a lot, so he does what he can to help with Annabelle instead.

One of my husbands goals this summer was to get my daughters training wheels off.  He tried last year for awhile, but she just wasn’t ready.  So this past weekend he decided to try again.  It took two days of practicing and she was off on her own!  It was amazing really!  I was in my room feeding the baby and he came and and told me to get the camera and take a video of her riding alone.  I was shocked and amazed!  But I shouldn’t have been surprised.  This kid gets things when she’s ready and it just clicks.  It was this way when she started walking, swimming, reading…it’s just the way she is. It’s like she practices it in her brain when she’s not actively practicing and that helps her.


Can you see the joy on her face?  She was so proud of herself, and so were we! She goes out to ride her bike several times a day.  We live on a dead end street so it’s nice for her to ride around during the day when most people are at work. And I can see her out the window if I can’t be out there physically.

Today, she had a friend over and she taught her how to ride, lol!  Her friend had been practicing with her grandpa (these girls are so competitive, if one can do something, the other wants to…) so they went outside to practice.  My husband said he would be out in 5 minutes to help her balance (my friend and I are both not strong enough to provide the support needed to help them balance, while running behind them).  Well…they didn’t want to wait.  I was watching them out the window and I was like “um, B is getting on the bike..and Annabelle is holding the back…there she goes!”  Which was great- but Annabelle didn’t give B the helmet first.  My friend went running out there and watched her daughter ride all the way down the street! My husband and I were laughing!  She was ok, she didn’t fall and get hurt, and she got a nice talking to about the importance of helmets.

Annabelle loves to teach people things.  She keeps trying to teach her sister to smile. It hurts her heart that Evelyn is not smiling all the time.  I try to explain to her that she is only a baby and doesn’t know how to smile like that yet.  She does offer up some smiles, but I’m confident they are related to gas 🙂  But if the baby is crying, most likely, so is Annabelle.  In the car the one day, Evelyn was crying from what I assumed was a little belly ache, and Annabelle started sobbing “I’m just so sad because she’s sad!” So I had two screaming kids in the car.  Good thing we weren’t going too far!

She also tries to teach the baby to give high-fives.  It’s adorable really.  The minute I put Evelyn down, Annabelle rushes over and says “Hi little girl!”  Or “Hi Sissy!” and starts talking to her.  She tells her she loves her constantly!  Tonight she said “I love you little girl.  I love you kiddo!  I know you love me even though you don’t say it, because I know your brain is saying it inside!”  These statements make me feel like I’m doing something right as a parent, because she has so much love to give to her sister, like I have to give to her 🙂 It makes me feel like she feels loved herself, which is what I want her to feel!


Doesn’t this picture just melt your heart?  I printed it as a 16X20 to hang on the wall because I just love it!

She wants to share everything with her sister!  Even the big toad she caught yesterday! I heard her shrieking with joy in the backyard so I went to see what she was up to.  She had filled a bucket with water, carried it to her water table and dumped it in.  But on the way to the water table, she came across a toad.  She used another bucket to pick up the toad and put it in the water.  Apparently she didn’t realize its as ok to touch it, so she was just watching it swim.  When I came out, I told her to pick it up for a picture.  She was shocked that she was allowed to touch it…sorry toad!  She played with it a bit, swam it up and down and sang it songs.  She then asked if she could show it to her sister.  I told her she wasn’t getting anywhere near her sister with the toad because it would jump on her.  She still managed to hold it tight and get it a little closer to her sister.  It did not jump 🙂



She named it Sofia and was very excited.  “I’m so excited I have a pet! I want to keep it forever! I’ve always wanted a pet!” She was not too happy when I told her she had to let it go.  I guess this is the third time she’s released a toad behind our house.  There is a field and a ditch back there, so I’m guessing that’s where they come from.

So that sums up my week.  I haven’t gotten any more runs in as I’ve had a lot of back pain.  Some yoga stretches helped today, and the chiropractor is helping also- it’s just my body trying to get back to it’s original shape 🙂 I’m hoping to get some walking in this week.


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