10 Reasons Why I Babywear

I love all these lists going around the internet lately, so I decided to make my own called 10 Reasons Why I Babywear.

Babywearing is a huge part of my life right now.  I did not wear my first daughter as much, but I wasn’t chasing around after a 5 year old then.  And she did not like it that much.  This baby LOVES it!  And it’s going to be part of my life for a long time…

So here goes:

1. Because I HATE these carriers. I do!  Look at all the space they take up in the cart!  Do you know how much fun that was to unpack and then have them reload in the cart once there were bags?


2. It makes swimming easier.  She totally enjoyed hanging out on my hip while in the pool and I had some extra support for holding her.  Much more fun for me!


3. It makes going out to the farmers market easier when the baby is 3 days old.  It’s nearly impossible to push a stroller through the crowd! PLUS- who wants everyone touching their 3 day old baby anyways?  She’s so safe in here and no one will touch her!


4. Six Flags.  With a 3 month old.  Need I say more?


5. Is there any better place to be on a weekend, then sitting in a comfy chair with a sleeping baby attached to you?  (Now, yes, you might say there’s so much you could get done if a baby is sleeping in a crib….but I prefer this 🙂


6. She LOVES it!



7. How else do you take a 7 week old to the beach so your 5 year old can swim?


8. Hiking 🙂


9. Swinging!



10. So her sister can carry her 🙂


Have I convinced you that you should try it out?  How about a few more pictures:

10676235_10105235711454123_592532523306132740_n 1780680_10105206914877693_6629142124037875604_n

I have a few carriers 🙂  And I obsess over more, and stalk the pages that sell them and dream of owning a Tula or Kinderpack someday.

Here are the ones from the pictures:
Baby K’tan Baby Carrier
this was my first baby wearing experience and I picked this up at a resale shop.

The other one in the pictures is a Moby Wrap

I have tried an Ergobaby Baby Carrier
and had success when the baby was smaller. She’s not a fan right now though
What I really want is a Tula  and I am hoping we can get one before we go to Disney after Christmas.  (Shhh…don’t tell my daughter, it’s a surprise!)

Do you babywear?


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