Laughing at Vomit

I never would have thought there would be a day I would laugh at vomit.  But it’s here.  It happened.  And I’m still laughing as I write this.

Because if I stop laughing, I’ll cry.

We’ve had a rough go of things lately.  My husband has been doing some travel for work.  So of course, while hew as gone, Red #1 got sick.  Fever and bad cold symptoms.  She got better, just in time for Red #2 to get it.  Her fever went much higher than #1.  We ended up at the doctor after it went up to 102.

Two days later, Red #1 was up all night crying that her ear hurt.  Well, there was a reason for that.  She had an inner and outer ear infection in each ear.

But wait, it gets better.  I then came down with a hacking cough and stuffy nose.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted.  Beyond exhausted.

So tonight, after I wrestled Red #2 into sleep, Red #1 came out and said “I just threw up”.  Ugh!  I do not like vomit.  Does anyone like it? Lol!

So I get up, which of course wakes up the crocodile, and see that she did indeed “throw up”. All.  Over.  Her.  Room.  It was in her hair, on her toys, on her pillows and sheets!

So my husband got to work cleaning that, and I got her in the shower.  And I just had to laugh.  Because we were all starting to feel better.  I could breathe!  And of course I didn’t want to, because who likes to smell vomit!

I’m chalking this up to the antibiotic she is on.  And maybe the excitement from her weekend swim meet.  And I’m laughing.  Because this cannot be happening…

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