Back in the running!

Before Christmas, I told my husband I wanted a treadmill for Christmas.  He laughed. I don’t blame him.  I have NEVER liked the treadmill and try to avoid it at the gym.  But I haven’t run since Red2 was 4 weeks old.

I can’t run outside right now. It’s frigid.  And there’s too much snow.  So I have to run inside.

We have a gym membership, but the baby is not a member and so you have to pay by the minute for childcare  Plus the drive over there, the lugging her in to the gym and pumping so she can have a bottle…

Anyways…he came home at noon with a treadmill and brought it in piece by piece.  Then he put it together while I tended to the baby.  And then I got to try it out 🙂 🙂 🙂


2.5 minutes.  That’s all I lasted at first.  I had to stop to pump since little miss Red2 was on a bit of a nursing strike this weekend.  But then I enjoyed another 5 minutes after I pumped.

And tonight I got back on again and ran 1.2 miles!  I stopped once to grab the remote to turn the TV on.  Of course this caused Red1 to ask why I was stopping.  And made her come closer and hold a necklace over the belt for a minute before I realized what she was doing,

I ran 1.2 miles today.  While trying to get Red1 to realize that she was welcome to play in the area, but music or TV was my choice, and she was not going to listen to other music…

Red2 was very excited when I was done 🙂



My goal is a half marathon in late spring! I think I can do it 🙂


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