My Gluten Free Baby

My baby is gluten free  🙂  I talked to her doctor about introducing gluten after I was finished nursing and she agreed that it would be a good idea.  A baby this young can’t tell me what is wrong- if her stomach hurts or she has reflux- it’s just a guessing game when a baby is crying.  Plus, the baby could potentially contaminate me if she ate gluten and then nursed.  So, for both of our safety’s at the moment, I have a gluten free baby.

It’s not as easy as you would think to have a gluten free baby.  Purees are mostly fine, unless you get into ones with oatmeal in them.  It’s the snacks that babies love.  Like puffs.  Red1 LOVED puffs!  Red2 likes them too, I just have to buy a certain brand.  I am constantly reading labels for myself and now for her.


Mostly, Red2 eats parts of what I’m eating. She loves carrots and broccoli.  She liked eggs for awhile- it was one of the first things I gave her.  We are practicing baby led weaning- which means she eats the same food we do.  She does really well with it, and prefers that over purees.  In fact, I can’t get her to take much of any puree.  She likes the pouch foods sometimes, depending on the flavor.  The applesauce ones she does pretty good with.  She gets mad when I don’t let her flip it upside down and squeeze though, lol!


She’s so funny when she sees food on my plate.  She will throw what she has and stare at it until I give her some.  And then she’ll play with her plate or bowl for awhile 🙂


What was your kiddos favorite when they start started eating?



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