We went to the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo!

Red2 and I adventured out to the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo this weekend and we had a good time!  We spent 3.5 hours walking (well, I did all the walking, she was along for the ride in our Beco), through a VERY crowded room, trying samples and learning about new foods.  I’d love to say check my Instagram for a ton of pictures, but it was so crowded I was afraid to take my phone out half the time- I figured I would either drop it, or make lots of people mad that were waiting to get to the booth I was at taking my picture.

Because I’m a blogger, I received this beautiful box of goodies from Massel!  I am excited about these because we use products like this in my house and I loved the sample I received last year.



I also received a goody bag- the same one that you get if you buy a ticket- that had some fun samples in there.  There were also coupons from the sponsors:


I was able to speak to people at a few booths- once it got crowded, there was no way to talk (too loud) for very long without getting bumped and pushed around.  One of my favorite booths was the one with these cookies:


I had a nice talk with them about xanthan gum.  I don’t get along with xanthan gum.  I don’t know why.  I just know that when I quit eating food with xanthan gum, my health  improved.  I’ve heard that I’m not the only one, only it’s a very popular ingredient.  They don’t use them in their cookies!  So I snagged a big container of Chocolate Chip and they gave me the Chocolate Chocolate Chunk ones FREE!  The item they had originally planned to give free with a purchase had xanthan gum, so they did me a favor 🙂


This was another favorite booth- and Red2 was very excited about these.  This is the empty package- haha!  I brought them along on our adventure today and she ate them! They gave me samples of all of the flavors they had, so she will enjoy those for awhile!  I haven’t found more than one flavor in my local stores, but I can order them on Amazon.


This delicious snack didn’t make it home:


I ate those in the car, while enjoying the Starbucks I found on the drive.  They were DELICIOUS!  I have had a few other things from this brand, but have never seen these- I will now be on the lookout for them!


We did head over to the photo area to take a photo- and she did not like that she had to give up this sign…


This was two hours in and she was tired- but didn’t want to take a nap.  There were too many people around for her to grab and try to talk to.

We had a good time.  I am very glad I didn’t bring a stroller.  I felt bad for those parents that did- because it was almost impossible to navigate with a baby attached to me- and even harder with a stroller.  It would have been nice to have somewhere to stash my heavy bag, but it wasn’t worth the frustration of driving through such crowds!


I tried to lay everything out nice when I got home for a picture- what you don’t see is Red2 trying to get at this pile!  Not all of these are samples- I did buy quite a few yummy treats after sampling them.  I won’t be able to find these things in my stores until Meijer opens- I got so excited when they all said they are in Meijer stores because we are getting one in about a month!  It’s really close to my house and it’s opening soon!

I do plan to attend next year, and I will get there right when it starts again in hopes of beating the crowd.  Have you been to an expo like this before?





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