Our Family Superhero 5K

I got super excited when I received an email at work about a Superhero 5K.  I had wanted to run it last year, but I was way too pregnant, with way too many contractions to consider it.  But this email said we could have a team for my school.  And the winning team (the school with the most participation) would be named the Superhero School of the Year!

The race proceeds went to the local Boys and Girls Club so it was for a good cause!

I was determined to win.  Only people weren’t as excited as me 😦

To be fair, soccer schedules conflicted with the race.  So many people couldn’t sign up because of that.  We ended up with a team of 20, which I thought was exciting since we are one of the smallest schools in the district.  A middle school ended up winning.

The original plan was for us to jog/walk it with the baby in the stroller.  But then she got sick.  Really, really sick.  And it was cold out!!  Like 30 degrees cold!  So then the plan was I would go with the older kid.  Unless it was raining.  Then I would go alone.  I was team captain, I wasn’t going to not go.  But then my friend offered to come over and sit with the baby, so my husband and older daughter got to come 🙂


Dressing up was encouraged, so we did 🙂


It was really cold!  So my husband immediately engaged my daughter in a game of tag that kept us moving.  It was brilliant!  There weren’t many people around us, and there was ample space, so we played tag.  For the whole way!  It was fun!  And kept us moving and warm!


We had a really good time!  And we finished in 45 minutes!  One of my coworkers was there and her daughter joined in on our game too.

After the race, there was a lot more fun to be had!  They had free donuts (not of the GF variety, but at least my family could enjoy), there were bounce houses and a photo booth and goodies!  All of that was indoors at the college the race was at, so at least we were warm in there too!

And the baby was home and warm with my friend- sleeping away on her and happy for the awake time she had.

Now that my daughter has done a full 5K, I think I’ll look for more races for us to do together 🙂


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