Where do Moms shop?

I went shopping today.  And this was my face:


I sent this to my sister and told her this was my face at the store because the clothes all looked like they took old throw rugs and sewed them into the shape of a marshmallow.  I did notice an employee looking at me with this look on my face, she probably thought I was about to sneeze. I had bought a bunch of cute maternity clothes at this store and have loved their stuff before.  But today- yuck!

I texted my friend about it and she suggested another store.  Since we were at the outlet mall, we headed on over to that store.  It seemed a little better at first.  Then I noticed all the jeans have holes in them.  And the shirts barely come past my belly button.  And the shirts that look good on the mannequin, look good because they are cinched in the back with a pin.  Which is not how they are worn by actual people.  So when I put them on, I turn into a shapeless blob.

Now, granted, I don’t have the best shaped body to begin with.  Somehow I’ve lost my butt.  As in I don’t know where it went.  I think I used to have one.  But it’s gone.  And even though I’m nursing, I have no shape up top either.  BUT, I expected something to look a little flattering!

I have SOOOO many clothes.  But that’s because when I started going gluten free, I started to loose weight.  But then I got pregnant.  And now I have dropped to a much smaller size.  So a size 10-12 looks awful with a belt, when you really need a size 6.  Sometimes I put a pair of shorts on and wonder why I keep trying them.  Then I put them in a pile to get rid of.  And then hurricane Evelyn comes in the room and throws things around and they end up back in my drawer somehow.  And I try again another day.  And the cycle continues.

I’d like to say I work hard for my body.  But I haven’t ran in awhile.  And I haven’t been to he gym to work out in a long time. I do wear my baby A LOT.  And do A LOT of squats while wearing her.  And I am very active with just life.


But I also eat A LOT.  I eat a pan of brownies a week.  Plus other chocolate treats.  I drink coffee with A LOT of creamer.  Sometimes several times a day.  (I always tell my sister that coffee creamer makes me fat 😉 . I eat 4 eggs every morning.  With 2-4 pieces of gluten free toast.  I eat ALL DAY LONG!

My doctor ran some bloodwork but couldn’t find any easy reason for why I’m losing weight so quickly. It could be because I’m nursing a baby that likes to nurse A LOT.  It could be lack of sleep.  It could just be the shape my body is meant to be and is finally getting to now that I’m gluten free and not pregnant.  Whatever the reason, I now need clothes.  So, help me out here- where do moms shop?

I want simple clothes.  Nothing fancy.  Just some nice low cut shorts and pants.  I don’t like to wear pants that are high rise- they bother me.  And some fitted tops that are nice, but not too nice that I would get upset when Evelyn smears food all over them.  I want to look like a mom, but a comfy and cool mom.  It has to be something that will still be comfy with a baby attached to me.  And it has to be easy to nurse in.  Evelyn gets very impatient sometimes if the shirt I’m wearing is a little more complicated and she has to wait to nurse.  I like to wear plain colors, and then dress them up with cute scarves or sweaters.  Am I too picky? Hmm..I wonder where Annabelle gets it from…



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