Life is definitely a roller coaster!

Life has been pretty exciting lately!  We spent 5 weeks traveling and are now back into our routine of school, work, swim and play.  We visited with a lot of family this summer.


Life has recently also become very sad 😦  Around the time I wrote my last post, my father in law was diagnosed with cancer.  They first were told that it didn’t spread.  But as he “recovered” from surgery, he wasn’t really recovering well.  So they discovered that it spread and they told him he had a few months left to live.

Because of this, we headed down to visit him before he got too ill to visit with his granddaughters. Luckily, I was still on summer break from school and we were able to spend almost a week down there.

Because my 6 year old is a highly anxious child, I have talked to her along the way in little conversations about cancer and what will happen.  She definitely thinks about it a lot. And asks some questions when they come up.  But she’s handling it ok at the moment.  The baby won’t remember and has no idea what’s going on.  Which adds a whole nother aspect of sadness to this situation.

My father in law is such a great grandfather.  I am jealous that I didn’t have someone like him when growing up, but have been fortunate to have him in my life for the last 11 years of my marriage.

So amidst the happiness of our everyday active life, there is also this layer of sadness.  He wouldn’t want us to be sitting around sad though.  He was joking with us and having a good time when we were down there.  He comes on Skype a lot when we are talking to grandma.

I think this diagnosis and quick deterioration is making my husband and I work more like a team.  We are trying to be there for each other, and the kids, at the same time.  And it’s so easy to get into a routine and not think about the other person in the team of marriage with you.  At least for us it is.  Between work and school and a baby that doesn’t sleep, we each have our roles and have stuck to them.  But now we are trying to be more intentional about working together and supporting each other through everyday life, as we go through the end of life for his dad.

As the baby starts to sleep more, and life “evens out” with the routine of school, I hope to be able to write more.  We are working hard on organizing the house in spare moments (when we moved a year ago, I was VERY pregnant and not able to do too much, and we are just now rearranging things and making it our home)

Until then, know that I am probably doing the same things I have been for a year.  Wearing my baby around the house and on our adventures, and working at a job I love during the week.

DSC_0097-001 DSC_0015

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