Life’s moving along…

I love to write.  But you can’t tell that by my lack of posts.  Usually, I’m so exhausted from taking care of 3 people’s basic needs, that I just fall asleep at night once I get them sleeping.  Lately, I’ve gone past the point of tired before Evelyn falls asleep, so then I’m up for awhile thinking.

Life’s moving along…

I love my job.  It’s been a little more hectic this year, but I love it.  I just signed up for a free trial of a time tracking service for School Counselors.  I’m interested in seeing the data and how my day is spent.  Most days I don’t eat lunch.  Or if I do, it’s while I’m with students, or on a phone call.  Yogurt has been my go to lunch- no crunch for people to hear 🙂

Evelyn is becoming quite a demanding toddler.  She’s still nursing at 20 months and I don’t think she will want to stop any time soon.  She takes awesome naps for her caregiver, but won’t nap without me at home.  She has so much personality packed into her little toddler body!  Tonight she got excited and threw something at me from 2 inches away.  I will be surprised if I don’t have a black eye in the morning.  She wasn’t being mean, she was just excited.  She’s a toddler.  They do things like that.


Annabelle moved up in swimming and is now in a higher level.  I talked to her coaches about her screaming fits before swim class and said she was bored.  So they talked it over and decided she could move up mid-season.  She is liking it, I can tell.  She does a LOT more swimming so I’ll be interested to see how next week goes with her swim meet.


My husband started out the year with international travel for work. And he heads out again in March.  And then later in March.  We are hoping the new degree he is pursuing will help him move into a role at his work that won’t involve travel.  It’s hard when the kids are so young for him to be gone.  I can’t imagine how the families do it that have someone deployed for months!

And me.  Well, I’m just trying to keep my head above water.  I am on a 3 week dosage of antibiotics to try to clear out this chronic sinus infection I have.  It’s so bad that I have a sensation of smelling smoke for long periods of time each day.  I had a CT Scan done of my sinuses and the doctor prescribed me the meds.  Of course, since I am not a fan of antibiotics, I put it off for awhile, but I am taking them now.  I had to make sure they were gluten free and that they were safe for nursing.  I did manage to run a mile today.  Which was nice.  Annabelle stood there telling me which parts of my body were jiggling. But at least Evelyn didn’t try to get on the treadmill with me, so I consider that a win.  And will be doing it again!  Soon!

That’s us in a nutshell right now.  Busy working and playing.



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