Surrounded by Gluten!

It is unfortunate that in my house, I am surrounded by gluten.  My husband and older daughter eat it.  And as much as I would love if they would quit, I don’t expect them to offer to do that.  If I didn’t have to eat this way, I wouldn’t either!

There are some things I do to make sure I don’t get glutened though.  A lot of things actually.

I have my own frying pans.  Only non-gluten items are cooked in these pans.

I use glass for food storage.  Left overs and anything that I take to work is stored in glass containers.  I use a lot of mason jars too. I found lids for them that are plastic and easy to clean so I use all the jars that we have from jelly and spaghetti sauce.

I get a new dish towel out about every 5 minutes.  Ok, not that often.  But every time the one I get out is touched by someone else, I get a new one out.  Or if Evelyn takes off running with it, I get a new one out.  (She likes to put them on her head and walk around)

I wash my hands.  A lot.  To the point of my hands cracking.

I have my own toaster.  And toaster oven.  No gluten has ever gone in these two appliances.

I refuse to touch wheat bread.  Annabelle gets mad at me because I won’t make her toast.  Crumbs scare me.  And wheat bread is the worst!  She can make it herself if she really wants it, she’s old enough to put bread in a toaster.  But, if she wants me to make it, she gets gluten free bread.

I have my own colander, measuring cups, containers of sugars, salt and other baking items that could be dipped into with a contaminated spoon.  Sugar is gluten free, but not if you dip a measuring cup in flour and then into the sugar.  So I keep gluten free versions in my cabinet.

I have two cabinets dedicated to gluten free cooking tools and spices/ingredients.  I have a separate shelf in the pantry for gluten free food only.  I keep everything as separated as possible.

Yes, I wish the whole house was gluten free.  But no, I don’t wish this on anyone.  At least Evelyn is still gluten free with me- she really has no other choice, it’s the only thing I feed her and everyone respects that because of the risk of her contaminating me.




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