Misadventures with my Mom

My mom was flying in to Midway airport today.  There.  I said it.  The two words that usually cause some kind of misadventure- Mom & Midway.

Midway is by far the cheapest place to fly into when it comes to visiting me.  It’s the farthest airport from my house, but her and I both like less flying time and you can fly direct from Buffalo to Midway.

EVERY time I fly there or she flies there, we have some kind of misadventure.  Whether it’s traffic getting there, or delayed flights….it’s never really smooth sailing.

Today was no different.  Her flight was set to arrive at 6:50am this morning.  It takes at least 1.5 hours to get to this airport.  So my husband and I decided to get a hotel room close to the airport the night before.  So Thursday after work we got in the car and were on our way.  We left at 4pm.  We got to the hotel at 7pm.  Traffic was horrendous.  And then it snowed.  On March 24! (We got less than the people up north so I shouldn’t complain!)

The hotel was nice.  The girls enjoyed swimming.  We had the pool to ourselves.

I woke up at 4am because Evelyn woke up.  I checked my phone to see the time and saw a text.  From my mom.  Her flight was cancelled.  What!!!!!!!??????

She received an email around 2am that her flight was cancelled.  Not delayed.  Cancelled.

So my aunt called and they booked her on the next direct flight.  It was set to arrive in Chicago at 6:50pm.  12 hours after the first flight.  In Chicago.  Where we were with our two children.

I was not equipped to spend the day in Chicago.  We had to check out by noon.  People with food allergies can’t just eat anywhere.  So then we’d have to find a place using my app that claims to be gluten free.  Then I would have to go in and ask my 20 questions (not really 20 I’m sure…well, maybe..). And we would have a cranky baby. (I should really stop calling her cranky.  She is a spirited/high-needs baby according to the internet.)  We also didn’t have our passes to get into any of the museums.  My husbands work gives us passes, but we weren’t planning on going there, so they weren’t in our wallet. (Yes, I now realize I should keep them in there no matter what.  But I have SO many cards!)

I started looking at flights on any airline.  Nothing was going to work. Then I checked Milwaukee. It was more expensive, but so is another night in a hotel, or spending the day in a big city like Chicago- with 2 children.  My mom agreed to Milwaukee, even though it was longer fly time, and a layover.  (I prefer to avoid those things too.  Layovers cause me stress and anxiety.)

I called to change her flight.  I politely told the nice woman named Diane that I was not pleased with the airline just canceling a flight with no explanation except for “operational”.  There was no bad weather to blame.  There simply was no explanation.  She said it could be that a lavatory was out of order.  Give. Me.  A.  Break.  They don’t CANCEL and ENTIRE flight because a bathroom isn’t working!  I was nice though.  And she said I might have luck calling customer relations on Tuesday.  (Monday will be a busy day since it’s Monday, and after a holiday.)

So, flight booked.  Hotel room packed.  Wait- where’s Evelyn?  Oh, just unrolling the ENTIRE roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.  Time to check out!

We drove in the parking lot over to another hotel that had a Starbucks inside.  The plan was for me to run inside and get one.  A venti.  Because I couldn’t make it home without one.  I run in.  Find the Starbucks.  Order my drink…and then “sorry folks, our card reader is down so we can only take cash…”  I thought it was a good thing I actually had cash.  I never have cash!  It still took about 10 minutes.  But she gave me a card for a free drink.  So there’s that…

It’s a good thing I had that drink.  Evelyn screamed the entire ride home. Thankfully it didn’t take 3 hours because traffic was much lighter heading OUT of the city.  As soon as he opened the garage door, her eyes closed.  Figures!  But she woke up when we opened the doors.  I managed to get her back down, but I didn’t dare set her down, so I held her while she napped.

A few hours later, I loaded the girls up in the van and headed to Milwaukee.  The drive was easy peasy!  Of course when I got to the parking garage I started to panic.  Oh my gosh!  Will my van fit??  It did.  I tested it slowly, just in case it started to pry off the top of my vehicle.

Of course in my heightened state of mind, I totally wasn’t paying close enough attention and I went the wrong way down a lane.  But there was no one else there.  So we parked and went in and found my mom!  Yeah!!  (First we found a Starbucks and got some treats.)


The drive home was easy peasy and now everyone is asleep. Except me.  The person who drank a grande caffeinated coffee at 9pm tonight…


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