My Gluten and Allergen Free Expo Adventure

I went to the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo this past weekend.  Alone.

Did you get that?

Alone!!  No kids!

And it was FANTASTIC!  I listened to music on the way- there may have been some dancing (ok there was definitely dancing), in my mom-van 🙂


I started out at the Blogger Meet & Greet with San-J and learned A LOT!  I have tried one of their sauces, but hadn’t ever seen the others.  We learned about the company and were given some fun freebies to try out!


I’m super excited about that little red container in the corner that holds a few packets of Orange Sauce! I will be doing a lot of travel this summer so this is perfect to tuck into my purse for when we are out to eat!

image image

These photo booth areas are so fun!  If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw these photos, but they are too fun not to share again!

I got home just in time to drop off my bags, take this quick selfie, and head out to my daughters swim meet:


After the swim meet I was able to go through everything again!


I was trying to get this all set up nice while Evelyn was trying to get into all the packages.



My blogger bag had a Send Me Gluten Free box in it and I was excited about everything in there!  And the little envelope is FULL of coupons!

Many of the items were samples or packages given to me as a blogger, but others are ones that I purchased.  I love finding new things, and if they are xanthan gum free, I buy them to see how I like them.  A lot of these items are not currently available where I live, but I will order online if I like something.


These are some of my favorite snacks!  They used to stock them at Festival but I haven’t had luck finding them lately, so I stocked up!


This was something new to me and it is DELICIOUS!  There was actually another flavor that included chocolate, but I preferred this one!  The man at the booth told me that these are stocked at Woodmans so I’ll have to pick some more up when I’m there next.


These were in everyone’s goody bag that bought a ticket.  I was most excited when I walked up to their booth and saw their big signs that said “xanthan gum free”!!!!!  I have never seen a company advertise that!  I tried a sample and was immediately a fan!

I had a nice talk with one of the women there about xanthan gum and how frustrating it is that it is used in many products.


I had quite a few conversations with companies about xanthan gum.  One person told me they are expecting there to be a change in the use of this gum soon because it is getting a lot of bad press on social media.  I would not complain if it was removed from products 🙂

There is more than just food at this expo.  I was given this nice little collection of personal care items:


I am excited to try them out.  They do not have xanthan gum.  I also purchased deodorant at this booth.  That was one of the things I was looking for so I was glad to find some.


These are Evelyn’s favorites from the expo.  I had a sample that I brought home last year and she loved it, so I was glad to see them back.  She tries to eat a few packages a day, but I limit her to less than one bag a day.  I will have to order these online as they do not stock them in any local stores.


This is her other favorite.  She loves them, and so do I!  This was her smile face 🙂

The expo was as packed, if not more, than the previous years.   It gets to be so packed that you can’t really move around.  For someone like me, who knows some companies use xanthan gum in everything, and who would like to skip a booth here and there, it was hard.  You pretty much had to just stand in a very slow moving line to get up to any booth. If you try to squeeze through anywhere, chances are that you will hit someone with your bags.

Besides the large crowds, I have no complaints about this expo.  It is such a great way to get to know new foods, and to talk to the company about their products.  I encountered so many friendly representatives and delicious samples!  I definitely got more out of this expo, going kid free, than I did last year when I had her with me.

I would recommend this expo for anyone who eats gluten free, and I will be going for sure again next year!


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