My Little Model

My 3 year old is full of so much spunk 🙂  I got my camera out today to try to get some final pictures for a pattern I’m testing.  I actually applied for something in my size- I usually do most of my pattern testing for the girls.  Getting pictures of myself usually proves difficult, especially in the winter when I take them indoors.

Evelyn saw I had the camera out and ran to put on her skirt that matches the fabric of mine and proceeded to do this:


Of course I just kept taking pictures of her because it was so funny! She then asked to see them, so I had to scroll through them on my camera.


She does sometimes give me a “normal” smile, like this.  But most of the time she has a silly face for me.  I remember Annabelle being like this too- and Facebook reminds me of it all the time with the “On this day” pictures.  It is a phase that will end, and then I’ll miss it.  So I’ll just keep taking pictures of my little model and let her personality shine through.  Besides, these are great pictures to print out real big for graduation/wedding events 🙂

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