New Skiff Tee Pattern!

I was lucky enough to be chosen to test out the new Skiff Tee Pattern from A Jennuine Life. My girls love when I am testing a pattern because it usually means they will get a few new pieces of clothing and that I will let them pick some fabric out of my stash 🙂

It was Evelyn’s turn for testing this time and she always cooperates when it comes to modeling


This pattern did challenge me a bit because of the color blocking on top.  I was scared to try so I first made one without the colorblocking.  I actually used a panel I had and it was the perfect size for making a 4t in this particular pattern.


Once I felt confident with the pattern, I decided to try the colorblocked top.  There is a pocket option, but I didn’t try that yet.  I have a Trolls panel that I think I will use to try the pocket with so Poppy can be sticking out of her pocket 🙂


The yellow fabric is double brushed poly and is her FAVORITE fabric.  The blue floral is a rayon spandex that I bought to make myself something but thought it would be pretty for this pattern. She loves her florals 🙂

Pattern testing for A Jennuine Life was a very nice experience.  She was on the Facebook group giving updates and taking feedback throughout the whole week of testing.  It was nice to see other pattern testers feedback as I was preparing to print and sew up this shirt.  Because I work during the day, I don’t get to sewing as quickly as other people do so I would check the page before doing any printing or work to see if there were new tips or a new version of the pattern.

This pattern is so versatile and has several options.  It is also unisex!  So you can make it for boys or girls!  I have only sewn for my girls, but I know people who sew for both boys and girls appreciate features like that in a pattern.

When I’m testing a pattern, I HAVE to read the directions.  The whole point of having pattern testers, is to make sure it all makes sense and the end product is the same for everyone.  I made sure I checked the seam allowance and the followed the steps in order and it was an easy, quick sew.  Most of Evelyn’s things are quick and easy because it’s so little 🙂

If you are looking for a new shirt pattern, check out the new Skiff Tee Pattern from A Jennuine Life.



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