Vivax top and dress pattern

I was chosen to test another pattern!  This time, it was for Annabelle.  The pattern is called the Vivax top and dress and you can find it here: Vivax Top and Dress

I was assigned the dress length, with the collar neck, and long 3-piece sleeves.  Annabelle is not a big fan of long sleeves, so I promised her I would chop them to short sleeves if she wants, once testing was over.  She hasn’t asked me to do that yet, but that may come once it warms up outside.

I was a little intimidated by the pockets on this pattern, but they turned out better than I expected! My kids love when I make things with pockets!  I don’t blame them, I like pockets too.

When I started, I cut out the pattern on a black fabric, and then realized it would not photograph well, so I let her choose something more bright 🙂


She loves unicorns, so I shouldn’t have been surprised! I showed her the dress when it was done at night, and she decided to wear it to school the next day, so I guess she liked it.  And I peeked at her outfits for the upcoming week, and it’s in the pile- that means it’s a winner!

I found the unicorn fabric at Joanne Fabrics, and the white is a double brushed poly that I ordered from So Sew English in a bundle with some other fabric.  She loves the feel of the double brushed poly, and it brightened it up even more.

I really like the length of this dress, especially for a girl who wants to wear leggings every day!

Details about the pattern:

  • It comes in 3 languages- English, Dutch and French
  • It ranges in size from 12 months to 14
  • It can be top or dress length
  • Two neck options- collar or round neck
  • Sleeves: short, half sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, 2 piece long sleeve, 3 piece long sleeve


I had her pose outside our school for pictures since the brick wall is a better background than my kitchen wall 🙂 Good thing we get there early, I’m not sure if she would let me do this if her friends were around!

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