Snapdragon Skirt- New Pattern!

Pickle Toes Patterns has released a new skirt pattern- the Snapdragon! (affiliate link)  And it’s a SUPER easy and quick sew!  I am usually a knit girl, but I decided to try testing a pattern that involved using woven material, and I’m glad I did!


And so is she!  We ventured to Joanne Fabrics to pick out something she would wear and then I paired it with some knit for a waistband.  It took her awhile to pick the kitties, she really wanted soccer balls, but she has never played soccer…so we went with kitties.


When it was time to take pictures, I brought her mirror to the kitchen and offered chocolate.  So she put on a little modeling show for me 🙂

What do I love about the Snapdragon skirt?

  1. It was very easy to cut!  Just measure the fabric and cut two rectangles at once! The pattern contains measurements, not pages you have to tape together and cut.
  2. You can choose a knit waistband, or elastic.
  3. I can use up all the cute woven I’ve bought over the last two years because I thought it was so cute!
  4. This is a perfect skirt to pair with leggings!


I need to make Annabelle one- or ten- of these to go over the leggings she loves to wear every day 🙂  I also need to make more of the Polliwog leggings (affiliate link) which I tested just recently also.   They come in shorts length too, so my plan is to make a bunch of those for going under these skirts for the spring and summer.


Check out all the other patterns on the Pickle Toes Patterns website.  (affiliate link) I have also sewn up an Adorabelle and Safari Tank from them and look forward to trying even more!

(This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase patterns through these links, I will make a commission)


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