Family Vacation Time

It’s summer.  Which means I’m not working.  Well…I’ve gone in for some meetings, and I am doing some reading and planning over the summer…but, essentially, I am on summer break.

We totally take advantage of my time off and travel.  We spent 5 days in Minnesota- hiking to different waterfalls and being unplugged for the most part.  There was no wi-fi!  And we had a blast!


We stayed in this cute little cabin and there weren’t many people around.  It was really quiet. Of course I made these 4th of July outfits for us with some panels I found at Smoogie Fabric and Design.  My dress is the Taffy from Petite Stitchery & Co and the girls are wearing Cascade Tee’s from New Horizons

We brought our big bubble wands and bubble mixture to have some fun!  The girls love these bubbles and they are really awesome!  We won the wands and some mix at a school function and then I found a recipe to make some for ourselves once that ran out.


My favorite waterfall was Gooseberry Falls.  The hike there was easy, and the falls were so amazing!  You could get super close to them!


My other favorite hike was to Split Rock Lighthouse.

I love lighthouses.  And waterfalls.  And my family.  So this trip was pretty amazing!

I had packed a few fun things to do, since we didn’t have technology to relax with after a tiring day of hiking and exploring.  One thing was the “Oreo Challenge”.  I managed to find a gluten free version for myself so I could participate.  We put the cookie on our forehead and you have to get it in your mouth with just moving your face.  It was a lot of laughs!  We videoed it and laughed so hard when we watched!  The girls asked to do it every night, and they want to do it even not on vacation!

Next up is our 3 week adventure to the Smokey Mountains, Myrtle Beach and then Buffalo, NY!


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