Our 15 Year Vow Renewal

My husband and I have been married for 15 years.  Wow!  Seems like just yesterday we were getting married and planning the next part of our life!

Our 5 year anniversary was celebrated with a newborn.  Our 10 year anniversary was celebrated with another newborn.  I wanted to do something different for 15, haha!

When we first started planning our wedding, we were fresh from a spring break trip to the Smoky Mountains and had seen that they have chapels in the woods to elope to and it was VERY tempting!  We both LOVE to be outside and around the mountains.  But we had a wedding at home, in my moms backyard and it was still amazing.

My Mother-in-law made my dress.  I happened to watch Runaway Bride while home sick one day and was determined to have a dress like Julia Roberts wore on the last wedding she ran from.  I couldn’t find something like it, so my Mother-in-law made it.

This time, I decided to make my dress.  I wanted something simple, yet beautiful, so I started my Pinterest  search and found what I wanted it to look like. Once I found that, I had to find patterns to make it and I found those with (affiliate link) Ellie and Mac Patterns.  My final dress was a mash of 3 patterns.


I started with the Born Royal (pattern retiring 6/30) bodice and then added the (affiliate link) Breezy bodice over top.  I knew I wanted a hi-lo skirt so I took the (affiliate link) Trendsetter and shortened it.  I didn’t want to trip on it while walking to our destination.

I had to make dresses for my girls of course too!


Annabelle can fit in women’s sizes now so I made her the (affiliate link) Monday Morning Dress that released recently.  Evelyn loves the style of the (affiliate link) School Cool so I made her that.  I did cut the skirt in two pieces and added pockets because she LOVES to have pockets.  For both dresses, I made the bodices lined and then used the burrito roll method to make them sleeveless, without adding bands.


We wanted to recreated this picture from our wedding 15 years ago, so we made sure to get a similar shot 🙂


I’m adding in this last picture of me with my littlest because I love it- and I love that my husband takes pictures like this.  🙂



This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase patterns through those links, I will make a percentage of the sale.  That being said, I absolutely LOVE Ellie & Mac Patterns and use them for so many of our clothes so I’m not endorsing something I don’t use and love myself 🙂



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